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De Eekhoorn

Sturdy, contemporary and attractive furniture

Our concept is clear and simple: we produce sturdy, contemporary and attractive furniture: flat packed, mass produced and easy to assemble. Just about every WOOOD product is flatpacked resulting in minimization of transport costs. We keep stock in our own distribution center, to guarantee direct delivery to retail locations. WOOOD products are ready to assemble easily at your own home.

One of the unique aspects of the WOOOD products is their availability – more than 95% of our range is kept in stock. More than 60% of our collection is produced in Holland. The Dutch production is a distinctive advantage for us to secure a high product quality and to reduce distribution costs.

Discover the huge range of storage furniture and small furniture solutions from WOOOD. Our product range covers everything from tables to wardrobes and nursery furniture, all products in the pure WOOOD style.

WOOOD, 40 years the best specialist and know-how for the production and distribution of flat packed solid wood furniture!