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De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture

About us
De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture is a family business with a clear concept: designing and producing sturdy, contemporary and easy to assemble furniture. In 2001 brothers Gerard, Winfried and Jos de Smit took over De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture and developed a portfolio with four strong brands, each with its own strong position in the market.


The BePureHome collection is authentic with a luxurious look and feel while WOOOD focuses on modern and functional furniture. vtwonen is a licensed brand that is always one step ahead of the latest trends and Basiclabel is always unique with its own collections and retail formulas. Since 2021, a fifth brand has been added to the brand portfolio of De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture: Exotan outdoor furniture. The garden furniture of Exotan has been a household name for more than 25 years. The products are made of high quality, durable materials and are produced in Asia. Through years of experience Exotan is always aware of the developments in the market.

Our articles of the brands BePureHome, WOOOD and vtwonen are sold in more than 50 countries and through 1500 points of sale all over the world. We are a young team and have a unique eye for trends and details. From the head office, refreshing designs and sketches are made and the collections for the brands are born. Private labels are also part of the expertise. This involves collaborating with people and brands from all over the world. 


More than 30% of our collection is produced in our own factory in the Netherlands with the production of wooden furniture. We pays a lot of attention to sustainable production. All furniture is, for over 20 years, made of solid FSC®-certified wood (FSC LicenseCode FSC- C002712).   With years of experience in the design, production and distribution of furniture, we are an established name in the European furniture industry. In 2020 we have realized our dream: a new head office with distribution center and showroom! This special architectural building is 17 meters high and offers 190.000 m3 of space for our entire collection.