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Experience Center

2.500 m² of interior inspiration

About us

In our Experience Center you will soon step into an innovative, dynamic shopping environment of more than 2.500 m2 of interior inspiration! Discover the collections of the brands WOOOD, BePureHome, vtwonen and Basiclabel in different style studios and get inspired by the latest designs and trends. Can't choose between two sofas or which colour suits your interior best? The enthusiastic stylists in our Experience Center are ready to help! On working days the Experience Center will be open for business clients and on Saturdays we're open for consumers. Would you like to stay informed about the opening? Sign up for the newsletter via the button below.

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Want to visit us?

Jan Tinbergenweg 1
1689 ZV Hoorn


Opening hours

Opening soon!
Working days: open for business-to-business clients 
Saturday: open for consumers
Sunday: closed


Coming soon

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Soon you will be able to download the Experience Center app for free from the App Store or via Google Play. With this app you can add all items in the Experience Center to your personal moodboards and to your shopping basket during your visit.

Advice from stylists

Our experts will be happy to help you

Our stylists are looking forward to your visit! They are happy to give you personal advice and brainstorm with you about new ideas. After the summer we will offer exclusive workshops and events! 

  • Colour advice

    Which colour sofa fits best in my interior, or which colour makes my living room seem optically larger? Our stylists will help you out! 

  • Styling tips

    We love to share our tips and tricks with you! Bring a photo, drawing or moodboard of your home with you and get to work with our stylists! 
  • And much more…

    Shortly we will offer special workshops and events! Sign up for the newsletter or keep an eye on our social channels for the latest updates.

Our brands



The designs of WOOOD have their own signature by a tough and contemporary look! The articles are made of pure materials such as FSC pine and oak in our own factory in Zwaagdijk-Oost.
Soon more!


The collection of BePureHome is vintage, tough and has a unique character. The vintage influences in the collection mix well with the modern design, so you can combine the items very well.
Soon more!


vtwonen is the leading living magazine in the Netherlands. In collaboration with vtwonen, De Eekhoorn has been making furniture for over ten years and we provide a unique collection inspired by the latest trends!
Soon more!


The style of Basiclabel stands for no-nonsense, tough, basic pure and contemporary. The collection consists of a selection of only the most beautiful items in the field of living! 
Soon more!

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