De Eekhoorn Dutch furniture

De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture is an established name in the European furniture industry, boasting over 40 years of experience in the design, production, and distribution of furniture. Since 2001, the Smit brothers - Gerard, Winfried, and Jos - have taken over the family business and shaped the company's vision. Their shared passion and expertise have led to the development of a portfolio of five strong brands, each with a solid market position.

Our brands
Our BePureHome collection is presented with a luxurious appeal, while WOOOD's focus is primarily on designing functional furniture. For over a decade, we have been collaborating with vtwonen to create furniture collections that perfectly align with the latest home trends. In 2021, we added Exotan to our brand portfolio; a well-known name in the garden furniture industry. The last brand in our portfolio, Basiclabel, stands out with unique collections and its own retail formulas. From our headquarters, our unique collections come to life as we collaborate with partners worldwide. We can't wait for you to discover our diverse and unique collections.

Image of De Eekhoorn
De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture